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Continue the Theosophy Christian Dialogue

Oct 04, 1995 09:10 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

Daniel C,

Daniel I received you excellent response to Daniel H. this morning. It
reminded me that I sent you a e-mail the other day that I didn't get a
reply from. Server problems, whatever. I would like you to consider my
request for a Theos-l group project. If you are not interested or anyone
else wants to pick it up then that would be great.

I was wondering if you could put together a informal presentation on
theosophy and inter-religious dialogue especially at it relates to
Christianity. As I read it there are various responses to religion among
Theosophists. One of the issues that I would like to see discussed is the
"religious" or spiritual nature of theosophy. When theosophy because
collective does it become another form of human dogma? Anyway I am sure you
can even articulate the questions I am getting at better with your
knowledge of the movement. Would you be willing to either put a small
section of Theo lit. to discuss or your own perspectives, which ever suits
you. If you are to swamped or not inclined that is fine I'll keep searching
for a contribution.

By the way - how did you feel about responses to the group project, is it a
worthwhile idea of should be just discuss as things come up. I was just
distracted by so many subjects that overwhelm a newbe.

thanks for you time,

Arthur Paul Patterson

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