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Elementals and Dhyani Chohans

Oct 04, 1995 04:52 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

I found a good description of some terms by HPB in "Transactions of the
Blavatsky Lodge", p. 76:

"Q. What is the difference between an Elemental and a Dhyan-Chohan or

"A. The difference is very great. Elementals are attached only to the four
terrestrial Elements and only to the two lower kingdoms of nature -- the
mineral and the vetetable -- in which they *immetalize* and *inherbalize*,
so to speak. The Hindu term *Deva* may be applied to them, but not that of
*Dhyan-Chohan*. The former have a kind of Kosmic intelligence; but the
latter are endowed with a supersensuous intellect, each of its kind. As to
the Dhyani-Buddhias, they belong to the highest Divine (or omniscient)
Intelligences, answering best, perhaps, to the Roman Catholic Archangels."

>From this, I'd say, we can speak of the Devas as Elementals, but not as
Dhyani-Chohans. And we can refer to Dhyani-Chohans as Archangels when speaking
in Christian terms.

-- Eldon

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