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TO: Dan C. & Paul J.

Oct 12, 1995 10:48 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Daniel,

I found your post "Comments on Subtle Bodies" really interesting,
including your personal experiences which you say at the end you're
sorry you got side tracked into. One of these days, "subtle body"
experiences are going to be more commonplace & better accepted. Then
you who have such experiences won't have to avoid talking about them
any longer.

Dear Paul,

Re: What draws them in.

You mention having begun with others but never finished "pulling
together all the most germane material on such subjects as
reincarnation, the spiritual path, what is Theosophy etc."
What are the chances of this work being re begun. It sounds really
worthwhile to me, & extememly useful, if all cogent sources are
quoted. Sort of a theosophical encyclopedia. Adam Warcup has
something like that as the 3rd section of his "Cyclical Evolution" . He
supports his exposition with almost 100 pp. from "early
theosophical writers".


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