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To Liesel from Don

Oct 12, 1995 02:32 PM
by Don DeGracia


"" What is your concept of reality?"

Boy, you couldn't ask a bigger question! I simply don't have time to elaborate
on this but I'll say a couple general remarks.

We exist as parts of something greater than us. I suspect that what we are a
part of defies our ability to comprehend it. I think our minds are very limited
and that we, as humans, were designed this way. If our minds could open up to
too much, we would no longer be human. This said, I personally like the Hindu
concepts of dharma and maya and Brahman as guides to what reality is. Dharma is
our place in the scheme of things. Maya is the illusion, yet truth of
experience. Brahman is the one undivded unity that is the base of all existence
and defies comprehension by our minds.

Whatever the case, there is definately more going on here than meets the eye (or
the senses I should say). I wrote a song about reality and part of the lyrics

"The world is big enough that you and I may never even have to touch
 But that's ok because
 We're a part of somethign greater than us anyway
 And we're locked
 We're locked together
 In these ways that we can't fathom in our minds
 And it makes us
 Go nuts with our time..."



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