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Re: Globes, Planes, Principles

Oct 12, 1995 10:48 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>It may not be typical for Theosophists to think of Devachan as "rebirth" but
>it is, when you emerge from Kamaloka, you are "born anew" into the blissful
>realms. You are -- temporarily -- a Deva, with a possible "lifespan" there
>of tens of thousands (or more) years. But no new causes are set in motion,
>only effectfs from earth life are experienced, until worn out, then "descent"
>back down to earth for another go at it.

Here's a quote to think about from HPB's "The Inner Group Teachings", p. 10:

"Advance may be made in Occultism even in Devachan, if the Mind and Soul
be set thereon during life; but it is only as in a dream, and the knowledge
will fade away as memory of a dream fades, unless it be kept alive by
conscious study."

Even though we're not making new karma, and in direct interaction with
others, we can make some progress. There is an expression of consciousness
in what we do, and we can benefit from it. The quote seems to imply that
our spiritual desires, if so directed while alive, can have an affect upon
the direction of our devachan, and the benefit that we derive from it.

-- Eldon

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