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Oct 12, 1995 10:41 PM
by Aprioripa

ssing world issues and spiritual work]

 You've hit on the key here. The question goes as to the why of this
decadence and the nature of the solution. The why is because over the last
10 decades the chelas and those of spiritual inclination all over the world
have not by and large had the courage to stand up for right values and
principles and have generally retreated into their own world. As the saying
goes: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do
nothing." And nothing, in terms of more directly interfacing with humanity,
is exactly what has been done by most. Or when attempting to do more the
workers have been easily side-tracked or corrupted by wrong compromises
(usually based on material fears or the glamour of authority). The solution
is public open forthright statements as to the truth of right values and
spiritual realities and work is going on for this.

 The lethargy and negligence of the spiritually inclined has allowed
certain small groups of materialistic powerful individuals to centralize
material management of the world so that the vast majority of so-called
crisis (wars, starvation, environmental, etc.) are being staged to foster a
state of helplessness and negativity in people in general. Also these same
groups are responsible for the gradual decay of the entertainment industry
and the drug trade as efforts to manipulate humanity. The solution here, as
strange as it way sound, in exoteric terms is economic freedom (i.e., no
taxation and free trade) as this would disempower the money controllers and
bring about the evolution of a mostly "good character" based trade economy --
which is the more natural spiritual way emphasized by the Mahatmas. As we
encourage unselfishness (love,compassion, etc.) by our examples and work for
freedom on all planes we can help in this. In terms of exoteric governments
many [mystics] are under the mistaken impression that gov'ts are there to
orchestrate a better society through coercion. But this idea is the complete
opposite of the truth -- it is we who are to work for a better way through
living a life of example and changing the way we and, by response, those
around us do things. Gov't coercive influence in any area except in the
protection of our freedom to change always works against the best spiritual
possibilities (devitalizing the effect of our examples) and empowers the
small groups of materially inclined individuals who are working against the
changes we seek. The solution is to restrict all legal power to only
protecting unalienable rights and leave solutions to all societies issues in
the hands of the other responsible institutions of society (churches,
businesses, etc.). In freedom the best spiritual possibilities work out

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