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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 12, 1995 10:41 PM
by Aprioripa

Dear Eldon,

 We seem to be missing each others' points. I agree with the idea that
in our essential nature we are not limited by one of the seven aspects of
Diety. However, in manifestation the maxim "as above, so below" applies to
all kingdoms of nature. A few weeks ago someone posted a list of about
twenty references from HPB's writings about the seven rays. As this is true
of Logoic life it would also be reflected in the processes of human life. It
is an easy extension to recognize that the different human expressions would
have a seven fold qualification.

 All of the arguments I've seen against the seven ray idea were the
"building a straw man" type in which the claim is asserted that the idea
means something which it does not. All of the arguments that have been
presented against the seven ray idea and the writings of A. Bailey (which are
from the Mahatma D.K.) have always been based on misrepresentation or
ignorance. If you wish to quote directly and in context and discuss that
then I would be happy to do so. The treatise about the seven rays and the
profound book "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" are evidence for the rightness of
these ideas as well as the inevitable intuitive recognition.

Yours in peace,

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