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Re: 7 Rays

Oct 13, 1995 09:09 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Eldon writes:
> The biggest problem that I have at the moment with the idea of the seven
> rays is that we "belong to a ray". We don't belong to anything, and are
> only subject to the quality of consciousness and swabhava or individual
> nature of the world or universe into which we find birth.
> <...SNIP...>
> I tend to find no need for the idea of rays, since our qualities of
> consciousness is already better defined in terms of the seven principles.
> Talking about the rays sounds, to me, like trying to put people into
> categories for trying to understand them, like in astrology saying that
> "you're a virgo, so you're such and such a way". The categories are a
> mental construct and not a metaphysical reality.

 I tend to sympathize with your feelings of not wanting to be
labeled or categorized. It used to bother me when someone would
attribute certain attitudes or behaviors of mine to my astrological
sign. However, having come to an appreciation of astrology from a
very sceptical predisposition, I doubt it can be dismissed as just "a
mental construct". It has survived more centuries and has attracted
the attention of many bright people. Your objections sound more
emotional than rational or logical. But as you say, you have no need
for these ideas as you have found others. Wouldn't you agree that
"trying to understand (others)" should be encouraged? If these
systems help others gain more tolerance towards others, a greater
appreciation for their uniqueness, then couldn't we respect and
appreciate their power to uplift and enlighten?

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