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Re: CWL, LCC, Adyar, Olcott, etc.

Oct 02, 1995 09:27 PM

Ann, thanks very much for your postings. You bring up some very good points
and I LOVE your questions!!!!!

It will be interesting to see what answers and thoughts Rich , Jerry HE and
others give to your questions.

I will jot down one or two of my own thoughts as I briefly reflect on your

I think we must always distinguish between the validity of a belief or idea
and the sincerity of the person who holds the belief or idea.

>From time to time over the past 25 years I hae have had some dealings with
the Jehovah Witnesses. I believe that most of the Jehovah Witnesses are very
good, sincere people. Furthermore, I believe that their beliefs give them
hope and faith in a world that sometimes seems very cruel and impersonal, etc.
Having said all that, I would ask: Are their beliefs "true" and "valid"?
THeir beliefs may be totally wrong and false and yet these beliefs are
uplifting to the beleivers and the beleivers can also be very honest,
kind and gentle people.

Concerning the Liberal Catholic Church, I know one priest in the LCC who is
a very kind, gentle soul. I would trust my life in his hands. Yet does that
therefore mean that his LCC beliefs are necessarily true?

Read the preface to Part II (pp. iii-iv) in *Isis Unveiled* (Vol II) and see
what HPB says about "beliefs" and "people".

I'll write more later,

Daniel Caldwell

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