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Re: CWL and Theosophy

Oct 02, 1995 10:18 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Yes, exactly. When I mention in class or to an acquaintance that I study
> Theosophy, those who have EVEN HEARD OF IT say "Oh, yes, I've heard of Annie
> Besant." And I think, "O God, we're doomed."
> Give me some hope here people: is the movement a failure the way K.H. worries
> that it would be in the ML?
> Rich
Could you be more specific? It's both a spectacular success
and a dismal failure, depending on how you measure it. Annie
Besant is equally involved in both: a truly great person in
terms of her role in history, but a leader who took the TS down
a path it was never intended to pursue. Under her presidency,
the membership quadrupled and even now is three times what it
was when she took over. The Adyar property was vastly
expanded, and lodges grew around the world. But with an
increase in quantity there was a decrease in quality.

If you can specify what KH was worried about, in what passage,
perhaps we can give you hope-- or sadly conclude that the TS
has failed. It all depends on how you phrase the question.


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