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Re: Group Auras & Energies

Oct 12, 1995 06:20 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

This theme brings to mind a question I've had but never brought
up. I've been in Deodars at Pasadena, Olcott in Wheaton, TS
headquarters in Adyar, and the London and Paris TS
headquarters. Also the New York ULT although I don't know if
this applies to them. Anyhow, there is a certain family aura
that pervades them all. Yes, Pasadena is a very distinct
Theosophical group. Nevertheless, the first visits to all the
Adyar places mentioned above were always striking to me because
there was a common TS atmosphere that seemed contiguous, but
not identical, to that I'd breathed in Pasadena. Deodars and
Olcott even look quite similar inside.

Have others had this same uncanny sensation? Yes, one can
distinguish different "feels" in ULT, Adyar and Pasadena sites. But
they all "feel" related, too.

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