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To Jerry S. Concerning Your comments about Johnson's book

Oct 24, 1995 09:59 PM

Jerry S.,

Concerning your remarks about what I said concerning Johnson's books on the
Masters, I will briefly comment on Theos-l since your posting is also on
theos-l. (I'm working on part IV of my critique of Johnson's thesis and it
will be posted on Theos-roots in 3 to 4 days.)

You (Jerry S) wrote: "I also suspect that you arrive at your opinion because
Paul paints them as rather ordinary human beings rather than saints..."

Your suspicion is totally wrong. If the masters are "rather ordinary human
beings", that's okay with me. Whatever the historical evidence tells us, fine.
Unfortunately, Johnson ignores the majority of evidence; I estimate it to be
90 to 95%. Maybe its only 85% that he ignores.

Have you read Dr. John Algeo's review in Theosophical History?

You write: "What you are saying is very similar to why Catholics and
fundamentalists put out banned book lists."

Isn't this, Jerry, taking things to extreme? When did I tell people to NOT
read Johnson's books? I have actually encouraged people to read his books and
would again say to readers of this posting, buy or borrow copies of Johnson's
3 books. You'll find lots of food for thought. But having said that, doesn't
change what I said in the previous posting: "Johnson leaves out 95%
of the historical information on the Adepts and ends up patinting a
caricuature of the Theosophical adepts."

Are you familiar with the historical records concerning HPB's Masters?

Jerry believe what you want to concerning HPB's adepts but I try to inform
myself of the historical and other records which constitute the primary
source information we have on the historicity of these Teachers.

Jerry, if you want to advocate pranayamas, fine. But HPB and her Teachers
warn against the use of such practices. I know several individuals who have
practisied pranayamas as well as other more "mental", less physical techniques.
They have told me that pranayamas do produce "results" but they have
experienced difficulties, including breathing problems, etc. There are other
less physical, more mental techniques that can be used in the path of yoga.
My own research indicates that pranayama can make one "mediumistic"; my
friends just mentioned confirm that.

No doubt, you will disagree and that's okay with me. But HPB and her Teachers
warn of the use of such practices. Students of Theosophy will have to make
their own decisions. Read HPB's E.S Instruction #3 and also the
Mahatma letters. See also index to HPB's Collected Writings.

Hopefully all of this will be covered in Henk Spierenburg's forthcoming

"Each tub stands on its own bottom."

Daniel Caldwell

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