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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 24, 1995 00:57 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Liesel and the others.

On Mon, 23 Oct 1995, Liesel F. Deutsch wrote:

> "Forgiveness, A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart"
> by Robin Casarjian, Bantam, 1992.
> The book covers a number of people & things to forgive to be able to
> feel more at one with oneself. Making peace & friends with your body
> & body parts is done with a different technique in Harry's book, but


Thank you for sharing that. I found your quote very meaningful. I think
that my body is a living and sensing being (- as it/I of course am). But
I, as an individual, ego can inhabit this body in many ways - to force it
to do many things, to harm it, - or to co-operate with it. I have noticed
that there are many similarities between ego-body as there are between a
rider and a horse. The riding is much more fun, when the horse is happy
and healthy.

I think that a body is a different being from my ego, with its own
consciousness - though ego is very closely connected to it. Our body
is most essential to us - if you remove a ordinary person's body his/her
manifestations and consciousness disappear at the same time.

The Tibetan buddhists say; a human body is the most precious thing, that
the Self can get. It is very difficult to get and very easy to lose.


aki korhonen.
Rovaniemi, Finland.

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