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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 23, 1995 05:30 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I have noticed that there are many similarities between ego-body
>as there are between a rider and a horse. The riding is much
>more fun, when the horse is happy and healthy.

>I think that a body is a different being from my ego, with its own
>consciousness - though ego is very closely connected to it.

Purucker offers some interesting ideas that this seems to relate to.
The way that we get into the next kingdom of nature is by a form
of apprenticeship in the next higher kingdom.

In the middle of the Fourth Round, the door into the Human Kingdom
closed. At this point, it was no longer possible for animals to
progress into becoming human by the end of the Seventh Round.

Those animals that made it through that "door" became the Animal
Monads in our constitution. They as centers of consciousness are
the animal nature which our human nature, the Human Monad, uses.
The "horse" that you ride is an Animal Monad in the Human Kingdom,
destinated, if it continues its evolution, to be a Human Monad in
its own right at the end of the Seventh Round.

In a similar fashion, I suspect, in the middle of the Fifth Round
the door to the lowest Dhyani-Chohanic Kingdom will close. Up to
that point, it is possible to be "infilled with a God" or become
the Human Monad in the constitution of a Dhyani-Chohan.

For those of us that make it, we will have several Rounds of
apprenticeship in the Dhyani-Chohan Kingdom, learning or getting
exposure to the qualities of their consciousness, so that we
eventually will become one ourselves! This experience is that of
having not just an awareness of our Inner God, but an awakened
Inner God that plays an active role in directing our lives. It
is the actual experience of deity that religious people seek.

-- Eldon

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