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forgiving your body

Oct 22, 1995 01:55 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Hi, you all

I found an entirely different quote I thought would be of interest in
another book (I never read just one book, but skip
around) it's from a book called
"Forgiveness, A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart"
by Robin Casarjian, Bantam, 1992.

The book covers a number of people & things to forgive to be able to
feel more at one with oneself. Making peace & friends with your body
& body parts is done with a different technique in Harry's book, but
I found Casarjian's lead in really enlightening, (she goes on into
setting up certain affirmations to use in sickness & in health).
I thought it might also strike some of you.

"The concept of forgiving your body may seem strange at first;
however, take a moment to consider the following. Do you know one
individual who truly loves and accepts his or her body? Do you
love & accept yours?
"For most people the body is the object of ridicule, rejection,
hatred, neglect, and abuse. If you are like most, the judgements you
hold are likely to defy the natural inclinations of your unique body
type. Facial features, body shape, and hair texture or color may be
but a few aspects of your appearance that you are unhappy with.
There may even be parts of your body that you reject just by virtue
of their existence. Were you taught , for instance, that your
genitals were "not nice" or "dirty"? Are you embarrassed by or do
you ignore certain parts of your body putting them down as objects of
"To heal & bring peace to your relationship with your body, you first
need to forgive yourself for being human, for to be human is to have
a body. And our bodies rearely look and do as we would ideally like
them to. We have needs and drives that are sometimes powerful, such
as the sexual drive, that can be distressing, confusing, and
compelling. We don't always feel comfortable in our body, and it is
certain to age & die. Forgiving yourself for being human means
accepting that this is so. Again, acceptance doesn't imply defeat or
resignation. Rather, as you let go of chronic judgment and resistance
toward the condition of your body as it is, you will release energy
that will hep healing to occur and you will undoubtedly feel better
about being you."

Have a good day.


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