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Re: re: re historical and doctrinal

Oct 22, 1995 01:55 PM
by Richtay


> >agree with Jerry to try to preserve the teachings as they were
> >given will eventually come to naught. They need to be restated
> >in the medium of the current times. The basic ideas must be
> >flexible enough to start with so that they can be restated in
> >such a way that they mean something to present-day people, even
> >1000 years from now.
Jerry H-E:
> Right. And restating the ideas in the "medium of the current
> times" is a method for preserving the teachings. It looks like
> you're catching on to this "scholastic" stuff. :-)
Right. And keeping the ORIGINAL materials in print, and studying them,
allows us to effectively RE-STATE the ideas in modern language for every
generation, while being able to "check our work," so to say, against the

No one is thinking that we should run around doing nothing but parrotting HPB
and having nothing of our own to say. I believe that if you can't state the
teachings in your OWN, CLEAR TERMS, you really don't understand them.

And how are you going to LEARN the teachings, except by going to the
originals, hopefully with the assistance of those who have spent their lives
learning them?

I never suggested that we should only read, re-read, and re-re-read HPB's and
William Q. Judge's works. But it's nice to have them on hand so that you may
carry on their work.


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