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re: re historical and doctrinal

Oct 23, 1995 06:20 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

To Jerry HE

You'd be surprised as to what I'm all catching on to, but it ain't
scholasticism, for sure. I'm not fascinated by idle chatter.

To Daniel C.
I guess it is chaqu'un a son gout. I enjoy reading history, &
historical novels, like Irving Stone, & novels about Egypt or
Atlantis. But I was really disappointed when I purchased a set of
tapes from Ojai, made by Hanson & Linton about the Masters. It was
all history, & even though interesting, I was disappointed, because I
was looking for a refresher course on the "Mahatma Letters", which
was the first Theosophical book I read when I first got interested in
Theosophy years ago. I need to ration out my reading time very
carefully, because I don't have an overabundance of it, & I just
don't get enough meat out of the theosophical history books.


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