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re: re historical and doctrinal

Oct 24, 1995 05:25 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


>A bit like Jerry's previous comments about HPB writing to
>classical scholars and us trying to find her unheard of words in
>the dictionary. We are trying but a simpler version like de
>Purucker is bearing more fruit for me, anyway. We are studying
>SD because it is the horses mouth, so to speak yet the fact that
>there are only 3 of us would indicate the lack of interest or
>ability to come to grips with the way it is presented to our
>1995 minds. Most of us are not scholars yet to me, the stuff she
>talks about is fascinating, what I can understand, that is.
>Regards, Bee>

 When I was studying theosophy in the early 70's, my teacher
assigned Purucker's ~Fundamental of the Esoteric Philosophy~ and
told me not to go on to the next chapter until I felt that I had
mastered the preceding one. I read every chapter at least twice-
-some I read three and even four times before continuing. The
book is a series of 48 lectures on ~The Secret Doctrine.~ Though
he discusses teachings that are not in the ~SD~ (such as the
twelve globe chain), I believe it to be an important introductory
book into the ~SD~, and may make the eventual study of the ~SD~

I must also add that when I finished ~Fundamentals~ I came to a
realization concerning the nature of theosophical teachings that
cannot be put into words. I can only say that it has to do with
the teachings being inward, outward, above and below. I know
others have had the same realization after reading this book, and
they know exactly what I'm talking about. I also found this same
realization in the ~SD~, but it is in ~Fundamentals~ where I was
really struck with it. Please let me know if this is the book
you are reading, and if you have this experience too.

Jerry HE

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