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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 24, 1995 05:51 AM
by Coherence

In a message dated 95-10-24 10:40:02 EDT, you write:

>Those animals that made it through that "door" became the Animal
>Monads in our constitution. They as centers of consciousness are
>the animal nature which our human nature, the Human Monad, uses.
>The "horse" that you ride is an Animal Monad in the Human Kingdom,
>destinated, if it continues its evolution, to be a Human Monad in
>its own right at the end of the Seventh Round.

Can we have a little discussion about this point? My understanding is that
up to the middle of the fourth round, the highest of the animal souls
(monads) were able to enter the human kingdom as MAN, Humanity, at which
point the door was closed. Now these late-comers to the party are
represented by the more savage races that HPB talks about. (Please don't let
this discussion degenerate into one of Racism.) In these "lower", less
developed races, they essentially are irresponsible owing to the lack of
development of MANAS, which is the distinguishing feature between Man and
Animal, but which will be developed in these races in the course of time and

It is not my understanding that the Animals who were able or developed enough
to enter the human kingdom became OUR animal natures. Can we clarify this

Thank you

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