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To Bee B.

Oct 23, 1995 09:49 PM

Thanks, Bee, for your postings on your lodge work in New Zealand. I find
all of it very interesting. Keep up the good work!

My only point on history (concerning quotes given by you and Liesel) was that
history can given us a valuable and wonderful perspective on so many things
and so many subjects. I agree that writers on history may be wrong on this
or that or may distort this or that. What subject is exempt from such
limitations and biases? My point was that a knowledge of history can enrich
our lives by expanding our perspectives and perceptions. A knowledge of
Theosophical history can also widen our perspectives on Theosophy. I think
this is part of what Jerry HE has been trying to convey over many months.

Sorry if I attributed the quote to you.
My comments were directed more toward those on theos network who seem to
be somewhat "a-historical" at least when it comes to Theosophy.

ACtually we all do history and historical research everyday of our personal
lives. We wake up each morning and reconstruct a own personal history and
through out the day we do historical research (we don't call it that) answering
such questions as "Who left the cap off the toothpaste?" or "Who threw that
baseball through my living room window?", etc. We are continally
reconstructing historical events and asking Who? Where? When? Why?
We just don't call it "history" or "historical research" and we
don't get PhDs and spent our professional life doing "history".

P.S. to Jerry HE. I think some of us have found your descriptions of how you
conduct class on Theosophy and the S.D. quite interesting. Could you maybe
give us more insights based on your years of teaching Theosophy?

Daniel Caldwell

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