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Re: Cayce

Oct 24, 1995 01:07 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Jerry S.:
>I read about Cayce many many years ago (60s I think). Didn't
>he predict that California and Florida would fall into the oceans?
>I seem to recall a lot of predictions about catastrophes as well
>as one about Atlantis rising. And, wasn't all of this supposed
>to have occurred during the last 25 years of this century? Only
>a few years left.

I don't have the books anymore with the exact dates, but I do remember that
sometime in the early 80's the ARE started to back pedal on the predictions.
They came out and said that those catastrophes don't HAVE to happen. That
prayer and the raising of humanity's consciousness could change the course of
I have been out of touch with the ARE for a few years, so I don't know the
prevailing attitudes.

Geologists have been predicting the "big one" for California for several years
and some people have been scared enough by the last quakes to move to other
states, so you don't really need Cayce for this one.

I hear there are alligators walking the flooded streets in southern Florida.
There's been so much rain down there that I wonder if the state could become
uninhabitable by simply turning into one giant swamp. (What happens to Disney

My husband and I watch this closely because most of his relatives live in
northern FL. His parents have discouraged us from visiting because their
trailers are surrounded by deep mud. They've had their cars towed out to the
front road and they wear boots to go from their trailer to the car.

Cayce said that Atlantis was located near Bimini, east of Florida. The ARE
journals used to feature articles about Dr. Zink, who was exploring this area.

>I also seem to recall a prophecy about someone finding
>scrolls or something under the paws of the great Sphinx
>in Egypt. While they did discover some neat boats under
>the Great Pyramid, I don't think anything has yet been found
>under the sphinx. Anyway, has anyone ever listed Cayce's
>correct predictions versus his misses?

I attended an ARE conference at a downtown Chicago hotel back in the 70's, at
which an excited and enthused Hugh Lynn Cayce (Cayce's son) spoke to members
about this project. There was a digging team in Egypt that was looking for the
scrolls, but the work was sporadic as the Egyptian government would only let
them work for a short length of time. Then they had to reapply for permits and
go through the bureaucratic procedure all over again.

When they asked Cayce about the scrolls being found, he answered, "When humanity
is ready." The scrolls would prove the existence of Atlantis, surely a big
shocker to those who thinks it does not exist, including many religions.

There is a book available from the ARE Press, titled "The Outer Limits of Edgar
Cayce's Power", written by two of his sons, that addresses his misses. It costs

- ann

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