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re: Cayce

Oct 24, 1995 11:07 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Jerry S.

>I also seem to recall a prophecy about someone finding
>scrolls or something under the paws of the great Sphinx
>in Egpyt. While they did discover some neat boats under
>the Great Pyramid, I don't think anything has yet been found
>under the sphinx. Anyway, has anyone ever listed Cayce's
>correct predictions versus his misses?

 Jerry S.

 There was a article in our local newspaper last summer,
sometime, that some archaeologists had discovered a passageway
near the paw of the Sphinx. They said that they did not expect
to find anything at the end of the passageway, but will be
clearing the rubble and descending the passage way in January.
If Cayce's prediction is correct, they are supposed to find
scrolls from the library of Alexandria at the end of that
 Did anyone else see this article? It was one of those UPI
fillers, and was probably in papers all over the country. If
anyone saved the article, I would appreciate a copy.


Jerry HE

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