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New topics

Oct 22, 1995 05:42 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I have been mainly lurking on this list for the past couple of months
>because I enjoy the discussions and the knowledge I have gained but it is
>too highbrow for me to feel tempted to join in. It is like the ant trying to
>say hello to the elephant. Could we not have a Theo chat list where the ants
>could chat about lesser Theological concern or exchange ideas that are not
>so lofty.

Maybe the lack of participation of others is also due to a lack of interest in
the subjects, along with being unfamiliar with the material. The members of a
Lodge that have been studying the material since they were 12 (and are now 81),
can really roll over the first-timers. I think the chat list for those of us
who haven't attained highbrow status is a good idea, but I also suggest you
throw out a topic and see what happens. I was intimidated when I started on
this list in March. Now, look at me . . . I can't shut up.

- ann

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