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A Question to Jerrry S.

Oct 21, 1995 06:28 PM

In one of your postings on "RE: doctrinal and historical approaches", you

"And quite frankly Rich, I interpret some of the original TEACHINGS differently
than you do, and differently than Eldon, and so on."

First question: In the phrase "some of the original TEACHINGS", what, Jerry S.,
do you mean by this? Can you define what you mean by "original TEACHINGS"?

Second question: It would be interesting to try to ascertain why, for example,
Jerry S., Rich and Eldon interpret these "original TEACHINGS" differently?

When we were having discussions on globes and planes, there were different
interpretations about the relationship between glbes and planes, but none
of the participants in the discussion seemed that interested in trying to
see what was the root cause or causes for the differences in opinions con-
cernings globes and planes. I may be overstating it, but it seemed like no
one was willing to stop and say, "Hey, maybe my understanding is wrong or
incomplete. Maybe, just maybe, there's something more to learn here."

Real dialogue and discussion might help us (as a group) to understand why
there are these differences in understanding. Sometimes I have got the
impression (which may be wrong!) that (for example) Eldon and Jerry S. were
just ta
 [delete last two words "just ta"] not always having a "discussion"
with each other but sorta talking "at" each other.

Food for thought.

Daniel Caldwell

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