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Re: Comments on Subtle Bodies RE:Jerry S, Rich T and Eldon T

Oct 12, 1995 03:10 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Rich:<To speak of the "causal" body as a "form" with "senses" seems to me gross
materialism, and it gets us in the trouble of treating them as objects,
rather than as subjects. Truly, they can be seen as both (to Adepts) but for
us, the "causal body" is simply the subjective mind.>

I would like to clarify a different view here. The causal body is
NOT "simply the subjective mind" which is manas, not the causal body.
And this is true by anyone's definition of the causal body. The causal body is
atma-buddhi according to HPB and many others, and I rather like the term.
Every "body" or vehicle must have a corresponding subjectivity or "ego"
and the causal body is no exception. When consciousness focuses in
the causal body, it is called the Reincarnating Ego. If Rich and Eldon
can logically comprehend a subjective state without a corresponding
objective body and world, then so be it. But I can't.

Jerry S.

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