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Re: Comments on Subtle Bodies RE:Jerry S, Rich T and Eldon T

Oct 11, 1995 04:31 PM
by Richtay

> (2) The Mayavi-Rupa or Thought or Dream body; and
> (3) The true Ego, Casual Body or Karmic Body.
> And in this article , HPB says (p. 219) that the Mayavi-Rupa (the Thought
> Body) is the "vehicle both of thought and of the animal passions and
> drawing at one aand the same time from the lowest terrrestrial manas (mind)
> Kama, the element of desire.....

Yes, the word body appears, and it is true that they are vehicles. They are
not "bodies" in the sense Jerry is using the term, meaning possessing
definable limits, particular sense organs, existing on a single plane, etc.
 In this sense, English is a very poor language, and we are heaping upon the
single word "body" these senses of "kosha" (sheath of consciousness), "rupa"
(form) "yana" (literally, chariot, liberally: vehicle, support, basis) etc.
 I have taken Jerry's use of the word "body" (i.e. having sense organs,
existing on a certain plane, possessing a recognizable, inherent form) as
"rupa" and I stick to what I said, there are only two, the physical and
astral, which, as Eldon has been kind enough to point out, really just boils
down to one.

To speak of the "causal" body as a "form" with "senses" seems to me gross
materialism, and it gets us in the trouble of treating them as objects,
rather than as subjects. Truly, they can be seen as both (to Adepts) but for
us, the "causal body" is simply the subjective mind.


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