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Re: Origin of Sense of Self

Oct 11, 1995 04:02 PM
by Richtay

Jerry S.:

> KEY:< For it is the Buddhi-Manas which is called the Causal body, . . . >
> Please someone show this quote to Rich who will
> doubtless take gas :-)
Why should I take gas? HPB is clear, and the "Causal body" is not the same
thing as the Mayavi-rupa, in fact, quite polar opposites. Buddhi-Manas is
called the "casual body" because it is the VEHICLE of Atma, and the producer
of causes (i.e. thinking, attractions, repulsions, etc.) It seems you are
speaking of a BODY of the MIND, and in that case Buddhi-manas won't serve,
because Manas (taken as one principle) can't be it's own cause AND effect.
 So which is it?

The word "body" is no magical key to a parallel to "bodies" on different
planes. When one is "in" the causal body (meaning, I assume, conscious on
that plane) one does not assume some particular form with particular senses.
 Rather, it indicates free and unlimited consciousness unblocked by any and
all formes. It is a-rupa, formless, but serving as a focal point (of
consciousness) for Atma, which is aboslutely universal and NOT conscious of
separation whatsoever (though the Monad may be, let's find out ...)


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