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Re: Symbols and Bridges 1

Oct 10, 1995 09:16 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<Yes, I'd call psychic the extension of the physical senses
into the sphere of effects or subjective world that surrounds our earth.>

Eldon, why do you suggest the psychic as an "extension of the
physical senses?" Is this from Purucker? I see the physical senses
as perception on the physical plane via the physical body. We have
bodies with appropriate senses on each plane. I see the "psychic" as
data incoming through the astral or mental senses on either the astral
or mental planes. They are not extensions of the physical senses in
any way that I can see and act quite independent of the physical body
and/or the physical senses.

Jerr y S.

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