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Re: Symbols and bridges

Oct 10, 1995 09:16 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<"Lower" is not necessarily bad or inferior. And I distinguish between the
dangers of forced development as opposed to natural faculties. There is
the aspect of the unreliable nature of information gathered in the subjective

Maybe its just me, but I see "higher" as closer to the divine
and "lower" are closer to the gross and material, with the "lowest" being
matter itself. Thus "higher" is closer to Truth, and "lower" is farther
away from Truth. In this sense, the most "unreliable" of all are data
obtained from the physical senses on this physical plane, which are
the fartherest away from spirituality and divinity or Truth. In short, I find
more truth to our dreams than to our waking lives. Why? Because
we more honestly expressing true thoughts and feelings in our dreams,
and often cover or mask these in our waking state. Also, I believe
that dreams and bardo have as much objectivity and more "reality" as the
physical plane.

Jerry S.

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