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Re: Symbols And Bridges

Oct 11, 1995 09:47 AM
by Jerry Schueler

<<Jerry: They (Psychic_ are not extensions of the physical senses
<James:<Unfortunatly, I'ts very clear that these 'senses' are received
<bia the Pineal and Pituitary Glands (Physical Organs), and their
<perceptions relayed through the physical brain in order that we
<may perceive them. if we did not have these 'Sense organs', we
<on the physical plane would not be able to perceive the "Other
<Planes", which are only Maya to our senses.>

Clear by whose definitions? What you seem to be saying
is certainly not clear to me. I am afraid that you are using
too many pronouns for me to follow exactly what you mean.
If you mean to imply that the astral and mental bodies
effect the physical body via the pineal and pituitary glands
in the brain, than I have no problem with that. I think
that that is true. My Christian Science background assures
me that there exists a cause-effect relationship between
mind, emotions, and body. But I still believe that each
subtle body has its own set of senses appropriate to
its plane. When I am in my astral body, I see astral
objects, not physical ones. And I can't do this via the
brain or physical body at all. In fact, I have to "forget"
the physical for awhile in order to let my consciousness
shift out of my physical and into the astral or mental.
Even little children dream. Dreams are but astral
experiences (else, please someone explain them
another way). Emotions exist on the astral plane.
Thought exist on the mental plane. Our mental
body is a thought-body, in a sense a thought-form, -
manas meaning mind. Our astral body is a desire
body - kama meaning desire. We only have direct
knowledge of whats going on upon Earth via our
physical senses. In the same way, we only can
directly experience the astral plane via the astral
senses in our astral body, and we can only have
direct experience on the mental plane via the
mental senses of the mind.

However, if you want to connect our
subtle bodies with our physical, you need to do
so through the chakras, not the glands of the brain.
The chakras directly link our physical body to
all of the subtle bodies that we cannot see but
exist nonetheless. Of course, it is sometimes
said that the brow chakra is now the pineal gland,
or whatever the third eye is supposed to be. But
each of the chakras also has its physical equivalent,
and we don't want to ignore them and just look
at the pineal or pituitary.

Jerry S.

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