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Re: Origin Of Sense Of Self

Oct 11, 1995 09:47 AM
by Jerry Schueler

James:<The Atma, at the point of Origination, or separation from THAT
<which forms it, knows itself as separated. It is only at the point
<at which one return to non-being (AIN) that there is true union
<and 'Non-Separateness.' While you may argue this, remember that
<the Divine Spark, while still connected to the Flame by the thread
<of FOHAT (Being universal on all levels, in the same manner as
<PRANA is universal on all planes.) The spark, representing our
<Monadic essence, lies above Atma in the same manner as a spirit
<lies above a material body, separate yet connected (Referring to
<one's own spirit, and not an astral 'Spook.) At the level of Atma
<the 'Spark' is already separating from itself, for it see's itself
<as a Chaya, or shadow.

I can't argue with you at all, James. I agree 100%.
I was trying to "bend over backwards" a bit by allowing Atma in my
response to Eldon, but actually, I agree all the way with you on this,
and yes, even Atma has a sense of separation. At least mine does.

Jerry S.

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