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Re: What draws them in; an alternate view.

Oct 11, 1995 09:47 AM
by Jerry Schueler

JRC:< ...she was one of countless messengers that have appeared over the
centuries, each articulating but a tiny and incomplete piece of an almost
incomprehensibly large body of teachings ... none of the messengers
claiming to be talking about anything other than a small piece, and all of
them framing those pieces to be suited to the times in which they were
living. >

I don't know if everyone is aware of this, but Aleister Crowley
claimed to also have been a messenger from the Great White Lodge,
the same as HPB was from. He taught that the Lodge sends out many
messengers, and that most return in new incarnations to continue
teaching. There are many ways in which such messengers help
others. They can stay in the background and help only a few. They
can write books. And, they can teach openly and found new
organizations like HPB and AC both did. The latter path, though,
is the most difficult, because it induces the most karma (probably
because it effects the most people). If this is true (and I think that
it is) then there are a great number of messengers at all times,
each striving to do their own work, which focuses on a select
group of people. Only in rare cases do these messengers try
to reach out to all people in a universal message. Such was
HPB's case, and that of most religious founders.

Jerry S.

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