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Re: What draws them in; an alternate view.

Oct 10, 1995 07:23 PM
by John R Crocker

> We too often overlook these
> objects and forget that when HPB founded the T.S. there was no Secret
> Doctrine, no Mahatma Letters. These seminal documents were given to us
> but only later. The original members were hearing lectures on the lost
> canon of proportion of the Egyptians.

An *excellent* point, and one that, if remembered, might curb
the attempts so many have made over the years to narrow the orginally
broad range of studies and activities that composed Theosophy. HPB *herself*
never would have claimed to be teaching "source" Theosophy, only that she
was one of countless messengers that have appeared over the centuries,
each articulating but a tiny and incomplete piece of an almost
incomprehensibly large body of teachings ... none of the messengers
claiming to be talking about anything other than a small piece, and all of
them framing those pieces to be suited to the times in which they were

As Robbins says, "Ideas are made by masters, dogma by disciples,
and the Buddha is *always* killed on the road." I sometimes think the
reason why the spirit of great leaders rarely lasts long is because
they are nailed to crosses by their enemies while they are alive, and
nailed to pedestals by their followers after they're dead.


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