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What draws them in; alternate view

Oct 10, 1995 06:12 PM
by Bee Brown

Many thanks for that interesting post. You seem to have a great diversity to
call upon. We have only 22 members and of those about 10 are active so we
have difficulty in doing anything very ambitious. I would be pleased for any
study group materials or pointers that might help a small group spread a bit
of Theosophy aound. I have an urge that won't go away to do this and I think
I had better go with the flow. We have 2-3 really dedicated members who are
bothered by their lack of intellectual understanding and sometimes express
doubts if Theosophy is too hard for them. I try to reassure them as I do not
want to lose them. This is the problem that we find the hardest to deal with
in attracting new people to us even though they are looking hard for a path
of some sort. Is Theosophy meant to be for the intellect? I wouldn't have
thought so but I do wonder sometimes.
Carry on the good work,

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