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Oct 10, 1995 04:41 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Along with this was the feeling that my personal consciousness was such
> a small, dark space. The old brain box, the place of the skull, thinking
> of resonances with Golgotha.
> It's interesting, that though knowledge felt as if it was stripped away
> and the main "sensation" was of darkness, that that in itself implies an
> innate memory or intuition of light. Similarly with feeling the brain
> consciousness to be so small. Maybe that's what guides us all through
> the valley of the shadow etc.
> That experience reorganised the way I hold theosophy, making it more
> essence-oriented and vibrant, and less form-oriented. This took a couple
> of years to emerge, as the pain softened.
> Murray

This is *very* similar to experience(s) of mine, which I often
associate with the apostle Paul's "Third Heaven" experience in 1
Corinthians. Reading the above helps to further validate the
nature of such experience - it would be interesting to hear of
other contributors' similar experiences.

Thanks for sharing this.


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