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Re: Pandits and Gurus

Oct 28, 1995 12:07 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<There's karma for everything that we do that affects others.
When even a single word leaves our lips (or keyboard), we pay
a price, as it touches others. Purucker has spoken on a number
of occassions of the price that a Teacher has to pay. That price
is paid by mentors as well as by spiritual coaches or trainers.
I'd suggest, though, that the price is worth it, if we *can*
affect people for the better, despite the mistakes that we may
make at times.>

Well said, Eldon. I had to consider this idea of
generating karma when I had my first book published. I know
that some people have been, and will be, hurt from them. But
many others will be helped. Look at all the people who have
died in the name of Jesus - yet he preached love and
forgiveness. Are the Crusades and other atrocities perpretrated
by Christians over the last 2000 years now a part of his karmic
burden? Or does the karma generated belong to those who
have misunderstood or abused his teachings?

Jerry S.

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