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re: historical and doctrinal

Oct 21, 1995 01:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

<Why hold that the branches and leaves of an oak tree are somehow wrong or
<in error simply because they no longer resemble the acorn? To one fixated
<on the seed, germination must look dangerous, sprouting must seem an
<error: The growth of the plant is the dissipation of the seed. And the
<only way to make sure the integrity of the seed is not damaged is to keep
<it dormant - to make sure it doesn't sprout - to freeze it into its
<"original" form. But once sprouted, no voice, no matter how domineering,
<will be able to stop the vast diversity of cells, profusion of leaves,
<and beautiful flowers, from each claiming they are as fully an aspect of
<the plant as any others are.
< -JRC

John, this explains exactly why Rich's desire to preserve
the "teaching AS IT WAS GIVEN" must eventually come to naught.
The seed must either bloom into something else, or die. It has no
other options, no matter how hard we want to preserve it. All
of the world's religions eventually discover this, though it may
take thousands of years. Thus the need for periodic Messengers.

Jerry S.

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