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re: historical and doctrinal

Oct 21, 1995 01:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

< I ... cited extant definitions in order to point out that these
<organizational definitions tend to imply that theosophy is a body
<of teachings.

I agree that it is a body of teachings. And I think that you
have pointed out how the desire to avoid dogma has led
to a lot of confusion in the ranks.

<Likewise, I hope that Theosophy will be recognized as a distinct,
<clear tradition with specific doctrines and approaches. No one
<is forced to accept such doctrines and approaches, but they also
<can't say that they don't exist. Being a Theosophist seems to me
<a VOLUNTARY thing, but the student who calls him/herself a
<Theosophist can not go about saying "I am a Theosophist and
<whatever I do and believe is Theosophy."

Oh oh! I find myself agreeing with Rich, here. This is scary.

Jerry S.

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