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Re: doctrinal & hysterical approaches

Oct 21, 1995 11:31 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Theosophy is simply that modern body of teachings that was presented by the
>Masters through their agents in the world as "Theosophy," and I am very
>committed to preserving and teaching it AS IT WAS GIVEN, even though I am
>free personally to take what I like, leave what I like, supplement with what
>I like.

Sounds a lot like what they did with the gospels in the Bible. Took what they
liked and threw out the rest. :-)

>And so the teachings last for thousands of years. Will we be so fortunate?

Why are you so worried if they will last till even next week? Seems to me these
things are out of the hands of one individual. A large group must be
responsible for such a task and they've got to agree on it and keep their heads
on straight long enough to be able to do it, then pass it on, all the while
keeping their fingers crossed that the next ones won't botch the job. If you're
on a mission from the *Goddess* to keep the Teaching pure, then you're goin' to
be coming back and fighting the good fight for many, many lifetimes to come. My
hats off to you! That's quite a job you've taken on.

- ann

PS Yes, I'm back on theo-l

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