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Re: doctrinal & hysterical approaches

Oct 21, 1995 02:40 PM
by Richtay

Ann wrote:

> Why are you so worried if they will last till even next week? Seems to me
> things are out of the hands of one individual. A large group must be
> responsible for such a task and they've got to agree on it and keep their
> on straight long enough to be able to do it, then pass it on
I don't think it takes a large group. most important things, it seems to be,
are carried on by an extremeley small body of dedicated people who are
willing to give all their time, resources, energies and hearts to the task.

After all, how large do we think the Masters' Brotherhood is? Hard to
estimate, I'm sure, but surely a very, very, very small percentage of the
world's population are Adepts, let along Mahatmas. Likewise, in each
tradition (every school of Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy, Judaism, etc.) very
few people take on the responsiblity of completely absorbing the entire body
of teachings and practices and dedicating their lives to practising,
preserving, and teaching them.

The few. The proud. [?!?!] The Theosophists. :)


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