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Re: several

Oct 02, 1995 02:22 PM
by Richtay

Liesel wrote:

> The latest "American Theosopist" published the Convention
> Resolutions. These are voted on by everyone attending the
> Convention. I think one bears repeating on this list:
> "The Theosophical Society of America sends fraternal greetings
> to the United Lodge of Theosophists; the Theosophical Society,
> Pasadena; and the Temple of the People, Halcyon."

Well, the original and my reply probably belong in "Theos-roots," but people
seem to ignore that board. This fraternal greeting extended by the President
of the T.S. (Wheaton) was printed in a U.L.T. newsletter, called ERGATES, and
it was met with a warm welcome.

There is a large discussion taking place in U.L.T. circles right now, how to
bring the entire Theosophical movement closer together into more of a
brotherhood without sacrificing our position that the original teachings of
Theosophy are those upon which we stand.

There is much interest in fraternal work and cooperation in U.L.T. lodges, I
think -- we are just now feeling out how we may do that, and how we can
respectfully work together, while maintaining our commitment to the undiluted
Message we believe was delivered.


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