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Re: One of JRC's comments

Oct 02, 1995 02:22 PM
by Richtay

This whole thread of attacking Eldon is not nice. It is one thing to
criticize dead persons, especially those who have had a large impact on
Theosophical history (HPB, WQH, CWL, Besant, Jinarajadasa etc.) It is quite
another to continually lambaste someone, still living, in a public forum.

If JRC would not like to share his experiences, that is his choice. If he
would like to share them, either on the public board or in private e-mail to
individuals, that is also his choice.

But to single out Eldon as the reason why certain discussions may not take
place here strikes me as a subtle attempt to discredit Eldon and draw
criticism to him. One may disagree with Eldon's positions without blaming
Eldon for events on this board, and I have to speak up for Eldon that I do
not see him blaming others, labeling others, or in general using personal
arguments to make his points. And Eldon certainly seems willing to engage in
dialogue, examine his positions, etc.

In the recent globes debate, Eldon has a very particular view, makes no bones
about it being based largely on Purucker, and discussed the whole topic very
clamly and openly.

Why is it that in the "psychic powers" department the board has stooped to
blaming, personal considerations and nastiness? I don't think it makes the
issues and the ideas about them any clearer, rather it muddies the waters.

Why not leave all of our names out of things, and only mention them for
signatures and quotes? It really strikes me that personal stuff has no place
here, and only seems to lead to enmity. I know that sounds barren, but I'm
tired of the jibes and labels, let's just stick to the discussions at hand.


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