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Re: Origin Of Sense Of Self

Oct 10, 1995 09:52 AM
by james yungkans

Jerry: Only atma itself is free from the sense of Separation

The Atma, at the point of Origination, or separation from THAT
which forms it, knows itself as separated. It is only at the point
at which one return to non-being (AIN) that there is true union
and 'Non-Separateness.' While you may argue this, remember that
the Divine Spark, while still connected to the Flame by the thread
of FOHAT (Being universal on all levels, in the same manner as
PRANA is universal on all planes.) The spark, representing our
Monadic essence, lies above Atma in the same manner as a spirit
lies above a material body, separate yet connected (Referring to
one's own spirit, and not an astral 'Spook.) At the level of Atma
the 'Spark' is already separating from itself, for it see's itself
as a Chaya, or shadow.

Just an opinion.

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