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RE: God's fertile imagination

Oct 10, 1995 10:27 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I was trying to draw attention to the irony that Organizations that are
>to charitable and environmental causes seem to get a lot less
>media attention than Organizations with strange (to the general
>public) beliefs.

I hadn't noticed this, but perhaps the press is afraid of looking bad if they
attacked a charitable group.

>My "personal wish" would be that the TS disclaim the Masters as
>represented by CWL--but not the Masters as they represented

Was not aware of the discrepancy, probably due to the short time I have been a
member. CWL's representation of the Masters must in publications I have not
read yet. Could you refer to specific books?

>People join what ever turns them on. My interest in this
>Organization is because of HPB's now forgotten denotation of
>theosophists as being seekers of truth--not recipients of

Theology defines revelation as a disclosure of the truth. If your statement is
almost a direct HPB quotation, maybe the context of that passage would help me
understand what she was driving at.

>Think you could ask him to post something on theos-l? :-)

Which one? God or the devil? :-)

>They could start by allowing CWL's writings to stand or fall upon
>their own merits, instead of hiding his errors and making him
>appear as something that he was not through the selective editing
>of his writings. . .

Sounds fair enough to me. My husband also agrees with this.

- ann

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