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Origin of Sense of Self

Oct 10, 1995 09:17 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<The sense of personal self is a lower function of manas.>

I have to disagree here. I think that our sense of a separate self
is much more insidious than a manas phenomenon. I believe
that we obtain our first vague sense of self immediately after the
Divine Monad expresses itself on the next plane down - the upper
spiritual, or 6th counting upward. I have detailed this is my Enochian
Physics as the I-Not-I Monad. The Divine Monad expresses itself
as an I-Not-I Monad which contain a self and not-self connected
by a fohatic attraction. In theosophical terms, our atma-buddhi
sees itself as separate and distinct from others and from the
world around it. Only atma itelf is free from the sense of separation.

Jerry S.

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