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Re: Cayce

Oct 30, 1995 10:43 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

In response to the many Cayce posts:

IMHO, I think Cayce was and is valueable because he was a rather ordinary man
with extraordinary powers. Maybe a person born in Kentucky, whose readings had
a Christian bent would have gotten through to more people in this predominantly
Christian country. He uttered many simple, poetic statements that could be
understand by almost anyone. My favorite: You can't get to heaven without
leaning on the arm of someone you've helped.

Perhaps this isn't heavy Buddhist or Tibetan philosophy. You could even argue
whether there is a heaven, especially the Christian heaven, but I think it gets
the message across.

The Secret Doctrine is a great work, but most of us could use the help of a
study group and/or teacher to get through it, not mention the spare time of 15

If you can climp Mt. Everest, then go ahead and do it. But if you only jog
around the park, that's ok, too.

I believe everything has its place - Cayce, Bailey, HPB, Leadbeater, etc.

- ann

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