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re: Cayce

Oct 29, 1995 05:41 PM
by Bee Brown

>Jerry S.
>>I also seem to recall a prophecy about someone finding
>>scrolls or something under the paws of the great Sphinx
>>in Egpyt. While they did discover some neat boats under
>>the Great Pyramid, I don't think anything has yet been found
>>under the sphinx. Anyway, has anyone ever listed Cayce's
>>correct predictions versus his misses?
> Jerry S.
> There was a article in our local newspaper last summer,
>sometime, that some archaeologists had discovered a passageway
>near the paw of the Sphinx. They said that they did not expect
>to find anything at the end of the passageway, but will be
>clearing the rubble and descending the passage way in January.
>If Cayce's prediction is correct, they are supposed to find
>scrolls from the library of Alexandria at the end of that
> Did anyone else see this article? It was one of those UPI
>fillers, and was probably in papers all over the country. If
>anyone saved the article, I would appreciate a copy.
>Jerry HE

I read somewhere recently that they had discovered a door under there but it
was jammed so they were sending minature cameras in to see if it was worth
the effort to excavate further. There was a hold up getting permission from
the Egyptian Gov. That's all I can remember.

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