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Re: Door to the Human Kingdom

Oct 29, 1995 06:30 PM
by Bee Brown

>My question regarding the above was the source of the assertion that the
>Animal Monads become the "animal natures" of man. The source given was
>Puruker with a request for a Blavatsky source. Here is what I came up with.

If I understand correctly, and that will probably not be so, but is not what
you call Animal Monad better understood as elementals that group together to
co-operate in forming our bodies. de Purucker refers to them also as
life-atoms in which the Monad is unfolding and being part of our
constitution is part of their own evolution. They are still on the downward
arc as opposed to our Monads who are on the upward path. As our
consciousness grows so that effects them too and by the time we are ready to
no longer use bodies, they proceed onwards with their evolution having
benefitted from our refining them by our own evolvement. I think they are
still on the way to being mineral monads in some other manvantara and then
onwards to human status.
Have I got some of that right?

Bee. >

>This is the most concise statement I can find. The general principle is
>reiterated often and in various places throughout the SD. The Monad in the
>animal kingdom has passed through the mineral and vegetable kingdoms and is
>now ready to become Man, i.e.self-conscious. There is no reference to Animal
>Monads becoming "Human NATURES" or our lower attributes.

This is where I would be inclined to refer to elementals as constituting our
animal nature

 This would be
>confusing the evolution of the Monad with the evolution of the Physical.
> Therefore there are not two Monads trying to inhabit our bodies (the animal
>and the physical). This concept prompted the very humorous question from
>another participant to the effect, What happens when the animal Monad grows
>up? The teaching of Purucker as given by you would lead to a question such
>as this, which may illuminate where Purucker has mis-spoken. The wonderful
>thing about Theosophy is its logical consistency.
>The pages surrounding the above citations are very interesting and may help
>your understanding of evolution. Anthropogenesis, by the way, occupies the
>entire Vol. 2 of the SD.

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