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Re: Cayce

Oct 28, 1995 12:07 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel:<I always thought that it didn't depend on whether the person was
awake or asleep, but on whether they stayed in control or gave over
control to another entity. The latter, I was told, was deleterious.>

You bring up an interesting point, Liesel. Is it *always*
"deleterious?" How about Jane Roberts? Have you ever read the
Seth material? For a medium, it is pretty darn good stuff. Far better
than any other mediumistic information that I have ever read. Jane
Roberts gave conscious control over to Seth, who talked about
probable selves and all kinds of philosophical stuff - not the kind of
material usually associated with channeling. Was she an aberration?
An exception to the general rule? Or was there something more going

Jerry S.

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