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Re: re: Cayce

Oct 26, 1995 02:54 PM
by Richtay

Jerry H-E:

> There was a article in our local newspaper last summer,
> sometime, that some archaeologists had discovered a passageway
> near the paw of the Sphinx. They said that they did not expect
> to find anything at the end of the passageway, but will be
> clearing the rubble and descending the passage way in January.
> If Cayce's prediction is correct, they are supposed to find
> scrolls from the library of Alexandria at the end of that
> passage.
> Did anyone else see this article? It was one of those UPI
> fillers, and was probably in papers all over the country. If
> anyone saved the article, I would appreciate a copy.
I seem to recall that scientists did an ultra-sound of the area just below
the sphinx and found a large-sized "room" or whatever there. They had not
yet located the entrance to it.

However, due to the current controversy with John Anthony West and his team
of geologists, the Sphinx has been re-dated from the period of Kephren (c.
2400 BCE) to about 10,000 BCE (due to extensive rain damage -- it hasn't
rained like that in the Nile valley since about 10,000 BCE) and the Egyptian
government, under pressure from Muslim fundamentalists, the site has been
closed off to researchers.

It seems that John Anthony West had dated the sphinx to several thousand
years before God created the world, which for fundamentalists is 4,004 BCE
October 16, Thursday, noon.

I'm NOT kidding, folks. That's what they believe. So the Sphinx is either a
Satanic object, or these archeologists are in league with the Devil, and the
government has been forced to close the area. We'll see what happens in the
near future.


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